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Custom Inflatable Car Air Mattress - great for road trips - camping and more.

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      Here's a few benefits of this amazing Inflatable Car Air Mattress ...
  • QUALITY: Mobile Inflatable Air Mattress is Soft and Comfortable but Tough and Durable for Camping and Traveling
  • QUICK and EASY: Back seat Mattress Comes with Car Air Pump which Easily Inflates Mattress to your desired firmness
  • VERSATILE: Matress has Two Seperate Sections to Best Fit Sedans and SUVs. Blow Up only the Sections you Need to Fill your Backseat or Cargo Area with the Bed you Deserve when Traveling
  • DURABLE: This air mattress comes With Double-sided Flocked Material with Weatherproof Cold Resistant Features
  • UNIQUE: Winterial's SUV Mattress is Made to Fit almost All SUVs and Sedans with it's Flawless Design and Sleek Black Flocked Material, Take this with you Camping, Traveling or even to the Drive In Theaters


Car, SUV or Trucks: Works on 99% All SUV and Sedan Models! 

Item Weight: 3.6 kg
Item Length: 138 cm
Material Type: Waterproof Soft Cover
Item: Approximately 55" Inches Long
Item Width: Approximately 33" Inches Wide
Item Height: With Pillows 16 "  Max Inches Tall
Special Features: Simulation, waterproof, comfortable
Mfg Series Number: Vehicle mounted inflatable mattress
Material Type: Waterproof Soft Cover
Arrival time: Average delivery within 7 Days! 

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